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Original, Creative, Impactful, Inspiring

We're a film company.  We make movies.  We tell the stories that must be told.

Nothing happens without a script.  We write them and adapt them.  Then, we shoot them.

We produce family-oriented and faith-based films.

We are a full service film production company with services including scripting, budgeting, contracting, production team hiring and management, location scouting, casting, scheduling, directing and shooting.

Bring us your script.  Let's tell your visual story.

Dream Shot Films is a government recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


Everything needed to get to the set:

  • Script development and editing

  • Script breakdowns and storyboards

  • Budget estimates and finals

  • Key production lead hiring

  • Scout and secure shoot locations

  • Talent scouting and casting

  • Visual Art - sets and props

  • Shot lists

  • Secure shoot locations

  • Secure equipment

  • Obtain insurance and permits

  • Finalize contracts

  • Schedule shoots

What We Do


Single day or multi-day shoot we:

  • Shoot establishing shots

  • Capture scene footage

  • Capture coverage footage and b-roll

  • Capture production still photos

  • Capture behind the scenes still photos

  • Prepare and review dailies

  • Prepare and distribute daily call sheets

  • Provide craft service


Half the work is after you shoot:

  • Editing

  • Sound

  • Scoring

  • Special effects

  • Transitions

  • Screening

  • Marketing and distribution

Contact Us

Tell us about your project and get an estimate

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JR Larsen
Producer / Director



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